• Dropbox

    11 Useful Tricks for anyone who use Dropbox service

    Wondering what is Dropbox? Well, it is a very popular, absolutely free storage service for your files and much more. You can easily host your own website on your Dropbox account. Also, Dropbox is old and reliable service, proven by time and millions of users worldwide. The fact that it’s an absolutely free service you […]

  • Compression

    Get the Best Use from the 7-Zip Program

    Every PC user have faced the ZIP or RAR file formats, especially when they wanted to install some program or open an album of pictures sent by friend. ZIP is the most common format and the Windows Operating System has native built-in tool to manage ZIP files. However as we all know the native programs […]

  • Minesweeper

    How to win Minesweeper

    Have you ever tried to beat the Minesweeper game? I bet you did, but failed as most of us. You understand the concept of the game but you just can’t win it. You will be shocked, but I found a way of solving minesweeper. I have never lost a game since I started to use […]

  • Adblock

    Get rid of Ads on Google Chrome Using AdBlock

    If you want to remove those annoying ads within your Google Chrome you need to get some extension that will block them. AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are by far the most famous and the most effective. Also, both of these extensions are free and belong to different developers, even though the names are very similar. […]

  • Google Chrome Tips

    20 useful tips and tricks for Chrome users

    Enhance your Web browsing experience t with these 20 tips and tricks for Google’s Chrome browser users Google Chrome web browser is one of the most popular web browsers and it is full of hidden functions and shortcuts that can save your time and enhance your browsing experience. If you waste few minutes reading this […]

  • Useful Skype Tips & Tricks That Everybody Should Know

    Skype was founded in 2003 and it has turned into a general type of conversation for many people out there.  A large number of users use Skype for discussions through text messages, video and voice calls at no cost whatsoever. You can even call cellphones and landline numbers for very little charge. Regardless the latest […]